Colour: Satin Gold PVD - 1945.660 (No Overflow)Colour: Satin Gold PVD - 1745.476.GS (Rectangular Overflow)Colour: Satin Gold PVD - 1745.477.GS (Round Overflow)
Colour: Bright Lira Gold PVD - 1945.700 (No Overflow)Colour: Gold 24K Satin PVD - 1945.719 (No Overflow)Colour: Satin Copper PVD - 1945.659 (No Overflow)
Colour: Satin Copper PVD - 1745.477.RS (Round Overflow)Colour: Satin Anthracite PVD - 1945.118.AS (No Overflow)Colour: Satin Anthracite PVD - 1745.476.AS (Rectangular Overflow)
LIRA Basket Strainer Waste Kit - No Overflow (Coloured PVD*)

LIRA Basket Strainer Waste Kit - No Overflow (Coloured PVD*)

The listing above is for the 'No Overflow' version.

 INFO  We have some other configurations available from stock (see below) or for Special Order (with Rectangular or Round Overflow)

- Nickel Bright PVD (Rectangular Overflow)

- English Bronze (Round Overflow)

- Black N200 (Not PVD) (Rectangular Overflow)

There are limited quanities - Please use the contact form for your specific inquiry and pricing - click here


LIRA 90mm Basket Strainer Waste Kit - No Overflow

 PVD Finish (5 Colours Available*) 


Satin Copper (LIRA product code - 1945.659)
(lightly brushed satin finish)



Bright Lira Gold (LIRA product code - 1945.700)
(polished mirrored finish)



Satin Gold (LIRA product code - 1945.660)
(lightly brushed satin finish)



Gold 24K Satin (LIRA product code - 1945.719)
(lightly brushed satin finish - deeper yellow/brass colour)



Satin Anthracite (LIRA product code - 1945.118.AS)
(lightly brushed satin finish - anthracite / gunmetal grey)


PVD is a process that improves the durability of stainless steel with a superior resistance to wear and corrosion.

N.B.  The colours / finishes illustrated in the images above are the best presentation we can provide.  Variance in monitor settings may result in a slight difference with the actual product.

Complete LIRA Basket Strainer Waste Kit - Straight with NO Overflow - Art. 1945

Ideal for Franke sinks (or any other brand).  Quality component to complement any high-end sink brand.

These Coloured PVD Finished No Overflow version are usually installed in high-end ceramic sinks - and will fit any sink manufactured with a 90mm sink hole.

Includes: 1 x Lira Basket Strainer Plug (008445)










Thickness of Ceramic Sink

As standard this basket strainer waste kit can be used for sinks up to a maximum thickness of 33mm (central bolt length 42mm). 

A longer central bolt is available for sink with a thickness up to 52mm (central bolt length 61mm). 


LIRA Basket Strainer Waste Kit - No Overflow (Coloured PVD*)

Our Price:  £62.97
(Inc. 20% VAT)